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8484 669d 4h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h SW, KenBuild: Draw mouse cursor in editor's 3D mode

Will still look wrong in SW due to reversed palette ramps.
8443 673d 5h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Add sectorhighlight variable

Backported from NBlood.
8440 673d 5h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Expose defaultspritecstat variable

Backported from NBlood.
8428 673d 5h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Add a z coordinate parameter to Analyze/AnimateSprites

Backported from NBlood.
8425 675d 16h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Fix Mapster32 undo/redo corruption issue  
8374 683d 15h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Move atoi_safe() from editor.h to compat.h and #define Batoi atoi_safe

They were the same thing so they might as well be in the same place.
8193 732d 15h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Replace usages of deprecated LZ4_decompress_fast() API with LZ4_decompress_safe() as recommended by current LZ4 documentation  
8050 786d 1h pogokeen /source/build/include/editor.h Change some clocks to support sub-tick precision using a new class, ClockTicks.
Using that higher precision, interpolate at a higher granularity.
Further, truncate the target interpolation time to vertical blank boundaries to avoid producing temporal artifacts.
Fix issues caused by interpolation calculations being handled differently in multiple places (and fix cases where smoothratios were being thrown away only to be redone without checking all proper conditions).
Ensure ClockTicks changes do not break other targets (EKenBuild, VoidSW), but note any interpolation there is not similarly updated.
7594 916d 21h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Fix a bunch of improperly defined bitmap arrays  
7590 916d 21h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Move NEXTWALL and POINT2 macros into build.h  
7435 946d 21h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Allow disabling undo in editor 3d mode from cfg file  
7143 1067d 20h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Improve OSD_Dispatch() a little  
7139 1081d 7h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Refresh BUILDLIC copyright headers  
6831 1287d 17h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Function names  
6076 1699d 6h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Remove the implicit "static" from our FORCE_INLINE macro.

This will be important for C++ member functions.
6074 1699d 6h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h Route all inclusion of libc headers and most of POSIX headers through compat.h.  
6055 1723d 4h hendricks266 /source/build/include/editor.h The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
5925 1815d 13h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Mapster32: support sprite blending mode and statnum in clipboard.  
5827 1881d 13h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Continued cleanup. DONT_BUILD.  
5789 1948d 14h terminx /source/build/include/editor.h Move palette related functionality from engine.c to palette.c/h.  

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