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8713 562d 8h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp useShaderProgram() -> polymost_useShaderProgram()  
8711 562d 8h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Get rid of Polymost projection matrix caching  
7620 878d 22h pogokeen /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Remove enabling/disabling of deprecated GL_TEXTURE_2D in Polymost.
For Polymer, temporarily workaround coupling with Polymost and usage of the fixed-function pipeline.
Additionally, fix typo in polymost_printtext256().
7359 939d 0h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.
7079 1065d 10h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Replace remaining instances of regular malloc/calloc/realloc/strdup with our memory error handler versions  
6828 1261d 12h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Engine function name cleanup round 2  
6776 1283d 13h pogokeen /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Polymost palette-indexed texture rendering  
6656 1317d 3h pogokeen /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Moved to GLAD for dynamic GL/WGL and extension loading.
Refactored extension usage that became core in GL2, and adjusted some types for GL2 compatibility.
6552 1383d 4h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp New def tokens for "cutscene": "texturefilter", "forcefilter", "forcenofilter"

Changes the filtering for cutscenes. By default, ANMs are unfiltered and IVFs filtered regardless of the filtering option in the menu. Use “texturefilter” to use the same filtering as textures, “forcenofilter” to never use filtering and “forcefilter” to always use filtering.

cutscene <path> { texturefilter }

Patch from Fox.
6551 1383d 4h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp New def token for "cutscene": "aspect"

Overrides the aspect ratio for IVF files.

cutscene <path> { aspect <numerator> <denominator> }

Note: For ANMs, you can use rotatesprite and setaspect to draw TILE_ANIM (currently defined as 30716) in EVENT_CUTSCENE with a custom aspect.

Patch from Fox.
6075 1673d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Eliminate more cases of duplication of compat.h's functionality.  
6074 1673d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Route all inclusion of libc headers and most of POSIX headers through compat.h.  
6056 1696d 23h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1696d 23h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
5540 2084d 4h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Fix quite a few issues with casting away const and volatile qualifiers, found with -Wcast-qual. If we're going to use const everywhere, we should really mean it!  
5526 2087d 8h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Introduce USE_GLEXT macro and use it to conditionally compile out all GL ARB function calls when compiling for GL ES platforms.

This replaces the previous hack where we kept the dynamic pointers null and simply never tried calling any of them by a conspiracy of default runtime settings and disabled menu options.

Code affected: VBO support for models, VPX GLSL decoding, texture compression (texture cache), and multitexturing (glow/detail maps).

This commit also replaces EDUKE32_GLES conditionals with USE_GLEXT where appropriate.

I didn't touch polymer.c because it depends too heavily on extensions for conditionally compiling them to make sense.
5352 2193d 15h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Remove NULL checks before calling free(): they are unnecessary as per the C standard. Other cleanup includes factoring code into DO_FREE_AND_NULL() macros.  
5257 2313d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Fix warning: narrowing conversion of 'img->vpx_image::d_w' and 'img->vpx_image::d_h' from 'unsigned int' to 'int32_t {aka int}' inside { } is ill-formed in C++11 [-Wnarrowing]  
5244 2314d 9h terminx /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Minor VPX playback optimization. DONT_BUILD.  
5197 2320d 11h hendricks266 /source/build/src/animvpx.cpp Add SW to our build system and make relevant changes to avoid fatal build errors.  

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