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8094 775d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Add Voidwrap, by Striker and NY00123. Heavily reorganized by me.  
8065 783d 20h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Move r_borderless and r_displayindex definitions out of polymost.cpp and into baselayer  
8060 787d 6h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Fix SDL borderless windowed mode for real this time

Introduces r_borderless cvar. 0: never borderless, 1: always borderless, 2: borderless if resolution matches desktop resolution (default).
8031 800d 16h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Add r_swapcomplete cvar to control what happens after SDL_GL_SwapWindow()

0: do nothing
1: glFinish()
2: busy loop until currentVBlankInterval
3: glFlush()
8005 802d 10h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Revert "This should be enough for SDL controller hotplug support but I haven't tested it"  
8003 802d 11h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp This should be enough for SDL controller hotplug support but I haven't tested it  
7755 841d 9h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Floating point grouscan() patch from Nuke.YKT, worth a couple of fps in classic mode in slope-heavy scenes  
7753 842d 4h pogokeen /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp If GL_ARB_clip_control & GL_ARB_depth_clamp are available, reflect that in glinfo  
7705 852d 14h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Added Xfree() function to accompany the Xmalloc() family of functions and change all uses of Bfree() to Xfree()

This was necessary because everything is already allocated with the Xmalloc() functions, but a future commit will make blocks allocated with those functions no longer compatible with the system implementation of free(), which Bfree() wraps.
7321 999d 1h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp rotatesprite hack from Fox  
7181 1071d 7h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp More control/input cleanup  
7159 1071d 7h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Move g_defaultVideoModes[] and g_keyAsciiTable[] from baselayer.cpp to baselayer.h and make them constexpr  
7154 1071d 7h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp "using osdcmdptr_t = osdfuncparm_t const * const" because I'm tired of seeing it everywhere  
7149 1071d 7h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Use "int" for OSD command return values and a few trivial globals. Our current usage of the return values would have even worked with bool, but we might want to add error conditions or something later.  
7130 1095d 2h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Use range-based loops for simplicity  
7020 1113d 20h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Tweak osdfunc_setrendermode() to report whether the classic renderer is the C or ASM version  
6939 1198d 4h pogokeen /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Support software renderer upscaling engine-side in sdlayer and sdlayer12 with various scaling factors (beyond just pixel doubling).
When glsurface is available, use GL to upscale the render buffer.
Additionally, fix build issues with sdlayer12 introduced by GLAD changes (r6656).
6831 1291d 4h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Function names  
6830 1291d 4h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp More function name cleanup  
6829 1291d 4h terminx /source/build/src/baselayer.cpp Continuing the quest for clearer function names  

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