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8490 672d 10h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Generate editorcolors[] from vgapal16[] at a better point in the startup process  
8488 672d 10h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Rename colmatch functions  
8478 673d 6h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Move InitCustomColors to build.cpp

This gets grid lines showing in all editors.
8447 677d 7h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Pass -1 to ExtShowSectorData and ExtShowWallData as a sentinel instead of 0

Backported from NBlood.
8443 677d 7h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Add sectorhighlight variable

Backported from NBlood.
8440 677d 7h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Expose defaultspritecstat variable

Backported from NBlood.
8428 677d 7h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Add a z coordinate parameter to Analyze/AnimateSprites

Backported from NBlood.
8274 726d 11h hendricks266 /source/build/src/build.cpp Use exit, not Bexit, if not an error termination

Bexit is ONLY for errors. Otherwise, in debug builds OSD_Printf tries to print Bexit's debug info to a closed osdlog.
8205 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Bump default cache1d size to 128MB in the editor and add support for the cachesize def token  
8204 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp cache1d rework

This turns cache1d into a reusable class that can be used to implement multiple caches for different types of data. Also adds a "cacheinfo" console command that prints out some statistics about the cache.
8201 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Better cache1d enums plus some general cache1d maintenance

Renamed variables, added usage of said enums, etc.
8199 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Separate the filesystem portion of cache1d.cpp and move it into vfs.cpp

Yes, the engine tools (kextract, etc) still compile.
8196 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Add CACHE1D_ENTRY_FREE and CACHE1D_ENTRY_PERMANENT enums  
8191 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Add fatal_exit(), a slightly different method of terminating the process upon error

On Windows, this writes an event to the system event log for later retrieval.
8190 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Use EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESS from stdlib.h when calling exit()  
8174 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Significant reworks to everything in winbits.cpp

Important cvars after this commit:

8171 736d 17h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Implement sys_timer cvar with several different choices of timers to control frame pacing  
8062 787d 22h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Fix critical TROR map corruption bug in the editor

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8050 790d 3h pogokeen /source/build/src/build.cpp Change some clocks to support sub-tick precision using a new class, ClockTicks.
Using that higher precision, interpolate at a higher granularity.
Further, truncate the target interpolation time to vertical blank boundaries to avoid producing temporal artifacts.
Fix issues caused by interpolation calculations being handled differently in multiple places (and fix cases where smoothratios were being thrown away only to be redone without checking all proper conditions).
Ensure ClockTicks changes do not break other targets (EKenBuild, VoidSW), but note any interpolation there is not similarly updated.
7973 804d 2h terminx /source/build/src/build.cpp Fix remaining casts to vec2_t/vec3_t  

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