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8762 586d 17h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp GCC 9.3.0 Windows build fix  
8728 591d 19h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Derp  
8710 591d 20h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Clean up OpenGL extension detection a little bit

This moves the extension detection into baselayer.cpp and unifies the implementation used by sdlayer.cpp and winlayer.cpp.
8707 591d 20h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Boost SDL thread priority  
8675 599d 22h ny00123 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp build/src/sdlayer.cpp: Fix crash following
video mode change in USE_OPENGL=0 build.
8613 625d 23h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Add r_maxfps -1, an automatic setting that limits the framerate to the refresh rate -1 for each increment over 60Hz the refresh rate is

E.g 60Hz > 59 fps
120Hz > 118 fps
144Hz > 141 fps
165Hz > 162 fps

This also changes G_FPSLimit() back to a more simplistic calculation, because what was there didn't quite seem to make sense.
8612 625d 23h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Custom driver-independent VSync implementation for Windows  
8607 625d 23h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Fix issue with trying to pump a nonexistent SDL event queue when in the middle of changing resolutions  
8606 625d 23h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Shitcan multisampling detection

It wasn't useful.
8544 634d 9h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp This vsync behavior might work better  
8497 668d 14h hendricks266 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Eradicate a use of std::string that crept in

Windows exes are now 500 KB smaller.
8431 676d 11h hendricks266 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp SDLayer: Change location of keySetState calls

Backported from NBlood.
8415 685d 14h hendricks266 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Amend r8174: Remove call to windowsHandleFocusChange during SDL_WINDOWEVENT_ENTER and SDL_WINDOWEVENT_LEAVE

These events are for when the mouse cursor enters and leaves the window's region, not any kind of focus change.

Confirmed with a test app.

The SDL Wiki's description, "window has gained/lost mouse focus" is misleading.
8399 686d 21h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp No more std::chrono!  
8389 686d 21h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp I'm pretty sure none of our output goes through the code path that uses this hint, but if it does we probably want the good one and not the crappy one  
8380 686d 21h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Use mouse wheel to scroll console and limit scroll area to the number of lines actually present  
8376 686d 21h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp intitialization  
8367 686d 21h terminx /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Map SDL joystick device trackball input to mouse input  
8351 691d 11h hendricks266 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Fix STARTUP_WINDOW=0 on modern macOS  
8318 697d 13h hendricks266 /source/build/src/sdlayer.cpp Add mesa_glthread=true to our automatically enabled threaded optimizations  

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