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8726 586d 5h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Patch from Nuke.YKT to fix a couple of NAM/WW2GI issues  
8377 681d 6h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Change osdlogcutoff to control the maximum number of errors printed to the console

Previously osdlogcutoff controlled the max number of lines (error or otherwise) printed to the console, and the error limit was hard-coded at 4096. This seems more useful.
8312 692d 21h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Templatize the branchless negation method used for GV_FLAG_NEGATIVE  
8190 730d 6h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Use EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESS from stdlib.h when calling exit()  
8103 763d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Expose control over the list of statnums that hitradius will damage to CON  
7953 799d 3h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Add automapping var to Gv_RefreshPointers()  
7873 809d 23h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp This adds back in the engine's old automapping feature

This was removed a long time ago because Duke3D and Shadow Warrior don't use it.
7776 834d 5h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp This is just syntax and formatting

No functional changes.
7674 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Gamevar system maintenance

This removes some of the error handling for gamevar reads and writes and trades it for simpler code and a small-but-benchmarkable performance increase.
7666 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp EDUKE32_STANDALONE stuff  
7665 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Add GAMEVAR_RAWQ16PTR, functioning the same as GAMEVAR_INT32PTR  
7664 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Make CLIPMASK0 and CLIPMASK1 regular defined tokens instead of read-only gamevars

I don't remember if there was any particular reason they were added as gamevars in the first place.
7662 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Promote `display_mirror` from char to int32_t and remove GAMEVAR_UINT8PTR handling since nothing else was using it  
7654 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Rename Gv_GetArrayCountFromFile() to Gv_GetArrayCountForAllocSize()  
7653 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Rename Gv_SetVarX() to Gv_SetVar() (overloaded)  
7652 884d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Rename Gv_GetVarX() to Gv_GetVar() (overloaded)  
7359 962d 21h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.
7283 1039d 4h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Hendricks and I discussed "auto *" and we've come to the conclusion that it's bad form, so this corrects that.  
7236 1065d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Misc CON fixups  
7233 1065d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/gamevars.cpp Shuffle things around so most of the script structure access stuff actually resides in gamestructures.cpp  

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