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8488 644d 12h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Rename colmatch functions  
6056 1699d 8h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1699d 9h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
5349 2196d 1h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Internally, work with 24-bit palettes instead of 18-bit.  
4479 2685d 7h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua lunatic/test/shadexfog.lua: add function create_brightpass_trans().

Also hook it up in the [;]+[F] menu.
4438 2724d 4h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua shadexfog.lua: in "Save lookups DAT file" entry, allow to save additional lookups.

4429 2727d 0h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Fix minor help text formatting issues in shadexfog.lua.

Also, fix saving PALETTE.DAT tables without lognumalphatabs byte. DONT_BUILD.
4426 2728d 0h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua In ext. PALETTE.DAT, store log2 of last alpha table index. Handle alpha in classic.

The extended PALETTE.DAT format can now carry a trailing byte, called
'lognumalphatables'. If it is present, the engine assumes that alpha blending
tables are loaded at blend indices 1 to 1<<lognumalphatables and handles
rotatesprite's alpha and spriteext[].alpha accordingly.
The ability to save this new byte is added to engine.lua:savePaletteDat()
and the corresponding convenience functions in shadexfog.lua.

Examples test/screentext.con and test/sprite_access.con are updated for
demonstration purposes.
4423 2730d 20h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Mapster32/Lunatic: add descriptions to [;]+[F] menu entries shown in upper left.

4420 2730d 20h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Mapster32/Lunatic: hook up and saveLookupDat() to [;]+[F] menu.  
4419 2730d 20h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Mapster32/Lunatic: add functionality to connect Lua funcs to menu [;]+[F].

Hook up those from test/shadexfog.lua and some debugging ones from engine.lua.
4404 2738d 5h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: add some shade/vis debugging functions.

engine.lua: linearizeBasePal(), mapster32 only
test/shadexfog.lua: create_depth_shtab(), create_vismarker_shtab()
4337 2776d 23h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: engine.setupDebugBasePal(), auto-detect 2nd+ shadexfog.translate().

engine.setupDebugBasePal() set up the water base palette such each of the first
15 "ramps" of 16 consecutive colors has a single, "representative" color. For
example, color indices 0-15 and black, 16-31 are dark gray.
In shadexfog.lua, list remappings from LOOKUP.DAT that are expressible as
remappings of 16-tuples.
4336 2779d 23h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: add engine.saveLookupDat() and document, related tweaks.

- Mapster32: before loading LOOKUP.DAT, set palookup[0][239]=239 to
make an identity map of the base shade table's shade 0
- Rewrite color index remapping case of makepalookup() for clarity

4332 2779d 23h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: in shade table 'remap16' method, allow sparse table, document it.

Add shadexfog.createremap() convenience function.
4331 2783d 3h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: in engine.savePaletteDat(), open file in binary mode. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4312 2786d 23h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Extend PALETTE.DAT format to allow carrying additional blending tables.

Lunatic: also, add an additional argument 'moreblends' to
engine.savePaletteDat() and document that function.
See test/shadexfog.lua for a "user-friendly" wrapper which
prints success or errors.
4311 2786d 23h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: move code in test/shadexfog.lua to engine.savePaletteDat() and complete it.

The function now writes out a full PALETTE.DAT: base balette, shade table and
translucency table.
4308 2788d 4h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Lunatic: add a 'lastokcol' argument to engine.nearcolor() and document it.

On the C side, slightly rewrite (now) getclosestcol_lim() for clarity.
4301 2788d 4h helixhorned /source/duke3d/src/lunatic/engine.lua Classic: support for multiple blending tables + Lunatic interfaces.

Currently, sprite[].filler (to be renamed) selects a blending table. If none
is installed with that index, the blending table at index 0 is taken (which is
read from PALETTE.DAT on engine startup). Thus, for now, the non-Lunatic build
will never use a custom blending table because there's no way to register one!
But the functionality is there.

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