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8765 419d 0h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Fix crash in menu file selector when no files OR directories are available to display  
8764 419d 0h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Fix FURY=1 build  
8763 419d 17h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Fix stupid menu bug  
8760 419d 21h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Add file selector for choosing which .sf2 bank to use

This also adds a menu option for OPL3 stereo mode. Windows MME output device selection is probably next (this can already be done through the console).
8755 419d 21h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp More SF2 work

Now automatically detects a .sf2 file placed in the game directory if the mus_sf2_bank cvar is unset.
8752 419d 21h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8680 431d 16h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Menus: Fix two sources of null text drawing  
8653 436d 16h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp screentext: Move ROTATESPRITE_FULL16 handling out of critical path  
8650 436d 16h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Move screentext to engine  
8647 436d 16h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Update credits  
8613 459d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Add r_maxfps -1, an automatic setting that limits the framerate to the refresh rate -1 for each increment over 60Hz the refresh rate is

E.g 60Hz > 59 fps
120Hz > 118 fps
144Hz > 141 fps
165Hz > 162 fps

This also changes G_FPSLimit() back to a more simplistic calculation, because what was there didn't quite seem to make sense.
8612 459d 2h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Custom driver-independent VSync implementation for Windows  
8569 467d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Rename EDUKE32_SIMPLE_MENU to EDUKE32_RETAIL_MENU  
8556 467d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Fix video mode setup menu issue where the desktop resolution is displayed instead of the current setting when entering the menu for the first time  
8538 467d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Use increments of 0.1 for the mouse sensitivity slider in the menu

The range of the slider is now 0.1-10.0.
8536 467d 12h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Remove in_mousesmoothing and supporting code  
8501 501d 18h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Menus: Hack around the User Map menu infinite return loop

This should really be fixed using a stack.
8500 501d 18h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Menus: Fix a fail in r8321 affecting X-positions of menu items

Also disregard indentation for mouse left boundaries, for consistency with right edges and middles.
8499 501d 18h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Menus: Remove bool types  
8382 520d 0h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.cpp Only restart the sound system itself when pressing "apply" in the advanced sound setup menu if the playback rate or number of voices changed  

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