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8776 586d 4h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Move mouse x-scale and y-scale to the main mouse setup menu and get rid of Advanced Mouse

This also normalizes the scale sliders to a displayed range of 0 - 1.0, and adds in_mousexscale and in_mouseyscale cvars to hold the values.
8760 590d 13h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Add file selector for choosing which .sf2 bank to use

This also adds a menu option for OPL3 stereo mode. Windows MME output device selection is probably next (this can already be done through the console).
8569 638d 5h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Rename EDUKE32_SIMPLE_MENU to EDUKE32_RETAIL_MENU  
8199 739d 16h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Separate the filesystem portion of cache1d.cpp and move it into vfs.cpp

Yes, the engine tools (kextract, etc) still compile.
8114 772d 13h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Add menu option to reset achievement data for EDUKE32_STANDALONE builds  
8050 793d 3h pogokeen /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Change some clocks to support sub-tick precision using a new class, ClockTicks.
Using that higher precision, interpolate at a higher granularity.
Further, truncate the target interpolation time to vertical blank boundaries to avoid producing temporal artifacts.
Fix issues caused by interpolation calculations being handled differently in multiple places (and fix cases where smoothratios were being thrown away only to be redone without checking all proper conditions).
Ensure ClockTicks changes do not break other targets (EKenBuild, VoidSW), but note any interpolation there is not similarly updated.
7999 806d 7h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Menus: Open the User Map menu to a folder named "usermaps" if one exists.  
7998 806d 7h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h newgamechoices: usercontent flag  
7971 807d 7h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Add verification screens to color correction, keyboard, and joystick resetting options  
7930 811d 8h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h newgamechoices  
7899 812d 20h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Allow MOUSEINACTIVECONDITIONAL when out of menu. Fixes left clicking screens.  
7134 1098d 17h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Fix usages of tab characters that slipped into menus.h at some point, and fix declaration of function Menu_Change() to match its definition  
7133 1098d 17h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Very (very) slightly less terrible G_CheckPlayerColor() function.  
7114 1098d 17h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Don't use size_t for loop iterators (or other things not counted in bytes, realistically)  
6829 1294d 19h terminx /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Continuing the quest for clearer function names  
6750 1330d 12h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Add verification screens for deleting saves  
6742 1330d 12h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Menus: Add "Save Setup" menu, currently for standalone builds only  
6714 1337d 2h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h 1. Fix translucency in the mouse cursor.
2. In "EVENT_DISPLAYCROSSHAIR" and "EVENT_DISPLAYCURSOR", make "userdef[].return" 1 and 2 return the coordinates, and 3 the alpha ("EVENT_DISPLAYCURSOR" only).
Similar to "EVENT_DISPLAYCURSOR", it is used to display the pointer that controls the aiming in Wii. "RETURN" / "userdef[].return" work in the same way as "EVENT_DISPLAYCURSOR".

Patch from Fox.
6685 1344d 3h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Improve translucence of menu cursor  
6676 1346d 4h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/menus.h Menus: Add MenuEntryFlag "Hidden", which is safer than setting the entry's position in its parent's EntryList to null.  

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