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8790 566d 7h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Implement WT episode 5 ending  
8788 566d 7h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Implement hardcoded WT stuff

Includes the new weapon, enemy projectiles, and breakable objects.

Patch from Nuke.YKT.

I edited it some, mostly to add the proper "if (WORLDTOUR)" checks.
7187 1062d 21h terminx /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Sorting and formatting for [names|sound]dyn.[cpp|h]  
6055 1718d 5h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
5665 2042d 15h terminx /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Play DUKE_GETWEAPON6 in cheat menu  
5472 2127d 10h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Remove three unused-in-the-source dynamic sound variables partially forgotten in r4748.  
4748 2520d 3h terminx /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Clean up the sound remapping stuff... remove the bits relating to sounds we haven't actually used anywhere in the source directly. DONT_BUILD.  
4630 2573d 11h terminx /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Suppress tile and sound remapping debug output in debug builds when not using -condebug  
4541 2645d 6h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Replace the funkily-formatted GNU.TXT with the FSF's official gpl-2.0.txt. Also, update the FSF's address in all source files that contain it.

3834 3059d 8h hendricks266 /source/duke3d/src/soundsdyn.cpp Dynamicsoundremap.