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8616 504d 5h terminx /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Revert "Hackish fix for spline interpolation crash in libxmp-lite"  
8561 512d 15h terminx /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Hackish fix for spline interpolation crash in libxmp-lite  
8132 643d 20h terminx /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Update libxmp-lite  
7082 973d 3h terminx /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Fix downmix_int_8bit() in libxmp-lite assuming char is a signed type  
6179 1471d 20h hendricks266 /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Amend r6174 to un-break libxmp-lite.  
6174 1475d 18h terminx /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Get MSVC building again, DONT_BUILD.  
6162 1476d 20h hendricks266 /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c libxmp-lite: Changes to build as C++: pointer casting  
6158 1476d 20h hendricks266 /source/libxmp-lite/src/mixer.c Add unmodified libxmp-lite sources from its Git repository.