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8005 770d 17h terminx /source/mact/src/ Revert "This should be enough for SDL controller hotplug support but I haven't tested it"  
8003 770d 18h terminx /source/mact/src/ This should be enough for SDL controller hotplug support but I haven't tested it  
7992 771d 3h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Track whether keyboard or gamepad input was last received  
7986 771d 5h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Add gamepad axis inversion toggles  
7985 771d 5h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Rescan for controllers when toggling gamepads back on  
7970 771d 23h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Implement contoller analog 0 in menus very hackishly  
7968 771d 23h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Implement controller defaults  
7947 773d 11h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Fix how analog axis values are used by the game code, part 2: aiming.

Mouse movement is no longer funneled through analog axis handling.
7943 774d 9h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Fix bugs with unbound mouse and joystick controls not saving properly.  
7898 777d 12h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Add CONTROL_ClearAllButtons  
7705 820d 21h terminx /source/mact/src/ Added Xfree() function to accompany the Xmalloc() family of functions and change all uses of Bfree() to Xfree()

This was necessary because everything is already allocated with the Xmalloc() functions, but a future commit will make blocks allocated with those functions no longer compatible with the system implementation of free(), which Bfree() wraps.
7515 899d 2h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Move structs out of animlib.cpp and into animlib.h.

Patch from Striker.
7394 927d 2h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Add buildvfs_fopen_write_text

Long-term we will need to replace all uses of "\n" in string literals printed to disk.
7359 936d 23h hendricks266 /source/mact/src/ Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.
7344 945d 7h terminx /source/mact/src/ Scale both mouse axes the same in CONTROL_GetMouseDelta()  
7214 1039d 14h terminx /source/mact/src/ Moved a few things in mact around while I stared at it thinking about what to do with it  
7181 1039d 14h terminx /source/mact/src/ More control/input cleanup  
7178 1039d 14h terminx /source/mact/src/ Move sctokeylut[] in mact to keyboard.h from keyboard.cpp  
7142 1039d 14h terminx /source/mact/src/ Improve CONTROL_GetMouseDelta()  
7130 1063d 9h terminx /source/mact/src/ Use range-based loops for simplicity  

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