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8482 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW, KenBuild: Remove some unnecessary #ifdef RENDERTYPEWIN  
8481 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add tailspritefree to savegames  
8480 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp Revert r8386 and reinstate the Reverse Stereo option, but only #ifdef __MSDOS__

Agreed that this feature serves no purpose on modern systems.
8471 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp Expose nextvoxid variable

This allows game and defs to not overwrite each other's voxels.
8469 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add call to palettePostLoadLookups  
8458 640d 7h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW, KenBuild: Add warning on startup that the software is not ready for public use  
8453 644d 8h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Remove unconditional inclusion of winbits.h from game.cpp  
8386 654d 18h terminx /source/sw/src/game.cpp Remove obsolete option to reverse the stereo channels

Anyone who plugged in their speakers backwards is SOL.
8353 657d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Don't show the status bar during the end of level screen  
8342 662d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add Alt Weapon Mode gamefunc and bind it to MOUSE3 by default  
8339 662d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add Equip Pickups weapon auto-switching toggle  
8338 662d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Implement Darts option, including bloody frames  
8337 662d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Make quick save and load actually quick  
8335 662d 12h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add debug_break() to _Assert()  
8333 663d 10h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Set up very basic OSD appearance  
8332 663d 10h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Add Redux's -addon1 and -addon2 command line parameters  
8330 663d 10h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Port more efficient startup window game data selection infrastructure

This includes saving the user's selection to the cfg.
8328 663d 10h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Clean up startup messages  
8325 663d 18h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Fix saves

Dynamically-allocated structs strike again.
8322 665d 10h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.cpp SW: Sanitize all uses of wall.nextwall to prevent OOBs  

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