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8798 566d 11h ny00123 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Revert the changes from JFSW commit 7d0deafe81b0ffa30d77cfe242e454f8b4487a1f
related to the definitions of RANDOM_NEG in bunny.cpp, ripper.cpp
and ripper2.cpp. Do so in a way that isn't re-introducing compiler
warnings. This partially fixes compatibility with demos made for SW 1.2.
Additionally, replace the 3 separate definitions of RANDOM_NEG
with a common one within game.h.
8792 568d 8h ny00123 /source/sw/src/game.h Pack the struct SW_PACKET. While this makes demo playback
functional with existing demo files, the code is known
to be incompatible with demos made for SW 1.2.
8750 588d 16h ny00123 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Modify MenuLevel and RunLevel by using CON_Quit,
toggling MultiPlayQuitFlag on instead of QuitFlag in
multiplayer games if a player tries to close the window.
Further update MNU_QuitCustom to use CON_Quit.
- In RunLevel, this fixes quit of game for all players.
- In MenuLevel, this leads to transmit of PACKET_TYPE_MENU_LEVEL_QUIT.
However, the work isn't complete, since the game isn't shut down
on the peers' sides, leading to possibly undesired side-effects.

Currently known issue:
- If the master closes the window, the scores won't be shown for
the master. Reason is that waitforeverybody will terminate the app.
8694 594d 17h ny00123 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Remove a bunch of unused function parameters  
8601 629d 0h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Overwrite startup window with Duke's  
8515 667d 1h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Run all allocations through Xmalloc et al  
8504 667d 1h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Replace isShareware variable with SW_GameFlags bitfield  
8350 689d 21h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Move HIT_PLAX_WALL out of the bit range used for limit raised struct IDs  
8349 689d 21h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Activate ASSERT macro with RELEASE=0 builds  
8347 689d 21h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Address Sanitization commenceth  
8338 693d 1h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Implement Darts option, including bloody frames  
8337 693d 1h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Make quick save and load actually quick  
8322 696d 0h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Sanitize all uses of wall.nextwall to prevent OOBs  
8298 696d 23h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Fix mouse aiming  
8281 715d 3h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Replace MAXLONG with INT32_MAX  
7499 929d 1h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Fix const correctness issues.

Patch from Striker.
6825 1291d 4h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h SW: Fix NORM_(SPRITE|WALL|SECTOR) macros to use MAX$1 instead of ARRAY_SIZE, which would fail due to the structs not being statically allocated.

Patch prepared by Striker.
6657 1345d 1h pogokeen /source/sw/src/game.h Moved BUILD engine defined CSTAT enums into the BUILD engine side of the code base.  
6254 1581d 22h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h mulscale(a, b, ##) --> mulscale##(a, b)  
6067 1706d 9h hendricks266 /source/sw/src/game.h Eliminate many cases of duplication of compat.h's functionality.  

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