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8488 549d 1h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Rename colmatch functions  
7542 808d 1h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Fix compilation failure in wad2map.cpp  
7272 922d 6h terminx /source/tools/src/ Fix error building the transpal utility  
6925 1105d 10h terminx /source/tools/src/ Fix error with initputs symbol when linking the Build tools in some environments  
6924 1105d 14h terminx /source/tools/src/ Fix building the Build tools  
6656 1224d 1h pogokeen /source/tools/src/ Moved to GLAD for dynamic GL/WGL and extension loading.
Refactored extension usage that became core in GL2, and adjusted some types for GL2 compatibility.
6074 1580d 0h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Route all inclusion of libc headers and most of POSIX headers through compat.h.  
6065 1585d 10h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Route inclusion of all Windows headers through a new header, windows_inc.h.

This allows us to make certain guarantees about limits on the extent of namespace pollution these headers introduce.
6056 1603d 21h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1603d 22h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
6039 1612d 20h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools: Add map2stl by Ken Silverman.  
6038 1612d 20h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools: Fix warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]  
6037 1612d 20h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools: Fix warning: cast from type 'const char*' to type 'char*' casts away qualifiers [-Wcast-qual]  
6036 1612d 20h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools: Fix build of generateicon.  
5768 1845d 3h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Remove trailing whitespace from anything we don't need to rebase from an upstream.  
5416 2061d 12h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools/arttool: Port commit f874a10ef136f4de3c9a9cccf3eacd886bae0d2d from JFBuild: improved with info dumping and tile export  
5415 2061d 12h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools/arttool: long --> int  
5363 2096d 11h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Build tools: Clean up transpal and link it to colmatch.c instead of including a separate copy of the (old!) getclosestcol code.  
5352 2100d 14h hendricks266 /source/tools/src/ Remove NULL checks before calling free(): they are unnecessary as per the C standard. Other cleanup includes factoring code into DO_FREE_AND_NULL() macros.  
4939 2342d 13h helixhorned /source/tools/src/ compat_tools.c: match definition of 'editstatus'to declarations in other places. DONT_BUILD.  

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