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8124 770d 4h terminx /source/voidwrap/include/voidwrap_steam.h Remove "VWCONTROLLER" stuff from voidwrap

This API has already been deprecated by Steam, and we have SDL2 controller support now. Anything we might need to interact with Steam for regarding controllers can be done through the ISteamInput interface that is currently supported in the SDK.
8112 771d 7h terminx /source/voidwrap/include/voidwrap_steam.h Add Voidwrap_Steam_ResetStats() to reset achievements  
8096 776d 6h hendricks266 /source/voidwrap/include/voidwrap_steam.h cheev  
8094 777d 10h hendricks266 /source/voidwrap/include/voidwrap_steam.h Add Voidwrap, by Striker and NY00123. Heavily reorganized by me.