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51 4162d 11h h266 /nw_plus pause at the end of debug execution  
50 4162d 16h h266 /nw_plus installer improvements (and major bug fix)  
49 4163d 8h h266 /nw_plus grp existence check rewritten
the add-on grp will be detected if it is either in the addondir or the exedir
the batch file will now look for the following add-on grps: nwinter.grp nwinter_demo.grp
a custom add-on grp name can be specified by using the environment variable %nwgrpname%
48 4163d 14h h266 /nw_plus add additional debug info: full command line input  
47 4163d 14h h266 /nw_plus fix big fail with SVN auto-updating  
46 4163d 15h h266 /nw_plus add statically-linked wget.exe  
45 4163d 20h h266 /nw_plus add additional svn source  
43 4165d 5h h266 /nw_plus replace checksum program with Windows-native version (no DLL dependencies, woot!)
remove freaking DLLs, they're not needed any more
batch file improvements:
support for theoretically infinite number of subfolders
capitalization tweaks
better installation error prevention, detection, and handling
42 4168d 12h h266 /nw_plus batch file improvement  
41 4175d 10h h266 /nw_plus add workaround for Microsoft Security Essentials "change dir to system32" bug  
40 4176d 9h h266 /nw_plus fix saving of correct GRP version (escape process when a match is found)
don't erase variables used within script at end; save for reuse and examination
39 4176d 10h h266 /nw_plus fix stupid typo with assignment/comparison equals  
38 4177d 10h h266 /nw_plus add automatic detection of more SVN clients  
37 4177d 15h h266 /nw_plus batch file improvements  
36 4177d 16h h266 /nw_plus add msys-iconv-2.dll  
35 4178d 7h h266 /nw_plus The batch file will now try to update the SVN repository after EDuke32 is launched, if applicable.
Remove 757 pal 24 def error.
34 4178d 13h h266 /nw_plus More documentation updates.  
33 4178d 13h h266 /nw_plus Give the documentation a much-needed update.  
32 4178d 14h h266 /nw_plus add more dlls  
31 4178d 14h h266 /nw_plus add msys-1.0.dll  
30 4180d 12h h266 /nw_plus add level summaries to NWINTRO.TXT
add correct enemy name notation to data
batch updates:
utilize pushd/popd
improve checksumming
add support for demo GRP not causing an infinite loop
29 4184d 10h h266 /nw_plus Prevent redundant inclusion of directories.  
28 4184d 16h h266 /nw_plus If there are no conflicting files in the exedir, extract GAME.CON, DEFS.CON, and USER.CON from DUKE3D.GRP to prevent conflicts in other GRPs and folders.  
27 4184d 16h h266 /nw_plus Added checksum identification for conflicting CON files from the original add-on, performed during installation/map patching.
Added checksum verification for newly installed GRP files.
Map patch version number bumped.
26 4185d 2h h266 /nw_plus map patch update
Polymer Police: 3726, 3739-3741
("Polymer Police" means I have gone through the list of tiles which are variations on normal HRP tiles, and any tile numbers listed means I have found new work done on the upstream tile, which I have then replicated on the add-on tile.)
25 4264d 8h h266 /nw_plus all references to default HRP audited and updated
fix loading of XXX data
Polymer "versions" of crates added
slight tweak to NW1
24 4266d 13h h266 /nw_plus IPS patches replaced with bspatches.
Patch version bumped.
23 4266d 14h h266 /nw_plus add bsdiff to utils in anticipation of replacing uips  
22 4266d 15h h266 /nw_plus More verbose map patching reasoning added.
NW1 phone ringing improved.
21 4269d 11h h266 /nw_plus Fix corruption in NW3.
Specify CON file to editor for sounds.
20 4270d 6h h266 /nw_plus map bugfix
music improvements, mainly for ease of use of Shift+F5
19 4281d 8h h266 /nw_plus Fix mistake in editor .bat merge.  
18 4281d 9h h266 /nw_plus wrapper .bat files now only set environment variable flags and do not pass any parameters themselves
Mapster32 .bat code merged into main .bat (wrapper .bat still exists)
all grunt work merged into main launcher
massive improvements on the loading of files in the root directory
polymer_hrp\ subdirectory automatically included along with .zip files
add STAYPUT elves to zoo
re-add white 8-bit digitalnum, but don't undefine hightile
17 4281d 14h h266 /nw_plus forgot zoo map last revision  
16 4281d 14h h266 /nw_plus generate and use custom NAMES.H in Mapster32 launcher
batch file directory detection fixes and improvements
wrapper batch file improvements
zoo improvements
15 4282d 10h h266 /nw_plus Fix DP defs.  
14 4282d 16h h266 /nw_plus fix drawing of weapons in multiplayer with skin system
relocate "getactor[THISACTOR].owner owner" to EVENT_EGS
13 4283d 11h h266 /nw_plus batch file improvements:
Running the debug .bat now launches the debug EDuke32.
Very smart detection of EDuke32, NW+, and NWHRP directories.
Mapster32 launcher brought up to par with EDuke32 launcher's new features.
12 4284d 5h h266 /nw_plus zoo improvements  
11 4284d 5h h266 /nw_plus #3714 skybox fix attempt
zoo improvements