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67 3718d 13h h266 /nw_plus/NWinter+_To_Do.txt Split highres assets into "nw_hrp/" directory, allowing for easy detachment for those who do not want the HRP.  
33 4126d 13h h266 /nw_plus/NWinter+_To_Do.txt Give the documentation a much-needed update.  
30 4128d 12h h266 /nw_plus/NWinter+_To_Do.txt add level summaries to NWINTRO.TXT
add correct enemy name notation to data
batch updates:
utilize pushd/popd
improve checksumming
add support for demo GRP not causing an infinite loop
26 4133d 2h h266 /nw_plus/NWinter+_To_Do.txt map patch update
Polymer Police: 3726, 3739-3741
("Polymer Police" means I have gone through the list of tiles which are variations on normal HRP tiles, and any tile numbers listed means I have found new work done on the upstream tile, which I have then replicated on the add-on tile.)
1 4274d 10h h266 /nw_plus/NWinter+_To_Do.txt Initial commit.