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68 3183d 6h h266 /nw_plus/utils Add support for the Megaton Edition.  
63 3550d 14h h266 /nw_plus/utils - update and add debug versions of kextract and kgroup
- factor file paths to utils
- add debug handling for buildtools in batch file
46 3809d 18h h266 /nw_plus/utils add statically-linked wget.exe  
43 3811d 9h h266 /nw_plus/utils replace checksum program with Windows-native version (no DLL dependencies, woot!)
remove freaking DLLs, they're not needed any more
batch file improvements:
support for theoretically infinite number of subfolders
capitalization tweaks
better installation error prevention, detection, and handling
36 3823d 20h h266 /nw_plus/utils add msys-iconv-2.dll  
32 3824d 18h h266 /nw_plus/utils add more dlls  
31 3824d 18h h266 /nw_plus/utils add msys-1.0.dll  
27 3830d 20h h266 /nw_plus/utils Added checksum identification for conflicting CON files from the original add-on, performed during installation/map patching.
Added checksum verification for newly installed GRP files.
Map patch version number bumped.
24 3912d 17h h266 /nw_plus/utils IPS patches replaced with bspatches.
Patch version bumped.
23 3912d 17h h266 /nw_plus/utils add bsdiff to utils in anticipation of replacing uips  
2 3972d 13h h266 /nw_plus/utils Ignoring Thumbs.db.  
1 3972d 13h h266 /nw_plus/utils Initial commit.