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21 611d 6h h266 /highres/ Update #3341 to be an actual highres version of the tile. Contribution by Striker.  
20 863d 1h h266 /highres/ Update #3340 to be an actual highres version of the tile. Contribution by Striker. Thanks to mxrtxn for identifying the source.  
19 1218d 6h h266 /highres/ Update #3343 to be an actual highres version of the tile. Contribution by Striker.  
18 1872d 6h marked /highres/ added 24 missing textures and their defs  
16 3687d 9h h266 /highres/ Re-add #2473 to HRP, already present in LRP.  
15 3688d 5h h266 /highres/ Add the alt-pals for the new bluefont and minifont sets by SwissCM, allowing the funky old sets to be completely discarded.

Previously, only pal 0 was available, with the old sets still in place for the meager selection of alt-pals they chose to do. Now all the alt-pals are in place, and the green/yellow/red numbers in fonts/hud/ that are based on the minifont have been replaced too.


Blue Font:
Design, Colorization: SwissCM
Cutting of All Pals: Hendricks266

Small Font:
Design, Cutting of Pal #0: SwissCM
Colorization: Hendricks266 (I batch colored the individual tiles instead of the tile sheet.)
14 3756d 7h h266 /highres/ Add #261, #551-552 textures, and #1802 texture by prophet.
Add #1850-1851 textures from old SWHRP version. (Thanks to prophet for the tip!)
Add #5080-5095 pachinko machines from ProAsm's (Thanks to prophet for the link!)
13 3790d 10h h266 /highres/ typo fixing and renaming  
12 3791d 1h h266 /highres/ Add 0647.kvx and concluding newline to voxels.def.  
11 3791d 2h h266 /highres/ Update #375 Buddha statue placeholder image with a better isolation of the statue from the white background of the source photograph.  
10 3791d 4h h266 /highres/ Update documentation.
Freshen assets copied from Duke 3D HRP.
9 3791d 5h h266 /highres/ - Fix issues reported by LeoD:
- Convert LRP into an override system so I do not have to maintain two separate sets of defs.
- Cleanup.
8 4057d 9h h266 /highres/ add SwissCM's bluefont and minifont (pal #0 only unfortunately)
add wdinfo.txt for novelty
7 4201d 22h h266 /highres/ Flip 2398 to match original tile.
Tweak transparent borders on HUD and pickup tiles for perfect sizing.
Add 8-bit pickup sprites as temporary replacements for smoke bomb, gas bomb, flash bomb, and caltrop HUD tiles. Better than voxel screenshots.
6 4202d 1h h266 /highres/ HUD & pickup cleanup:
2398 replaced with newer version from Duke 3D HRP, by me.
1779 properly readded.
2402 removed.
2397, 2407, and 2408 voxel screenshots removed.
Texture renders added.
Other HUD tiles replaced with higher res versions from pickups.
5 4202d 4h h266 /highres/ Redundant (unmodified) files in LRP removed and linked to HRP files. LRP is now dependent on the presence of the HRP.
1. For ease of organization and future development.
2. Performance, not file size, is the reason for the LRP's existence. For affected dial-up users, SVN supports resuming downloads/checkouts.
3. Smaller net file size.
LRP will no longer be actively updated because its purpose would be better served by performance settings in the game itself.

Typo affecting #3648 fixed.
Forgotten #1779 added to defs.
Removed duplicate #5069 in textures.
"gaz tank" renamed to "gas tank".
Misplaced duplicate textures in lowres/screen/menu removed.
4 4204d 13h h266 /highres/ Commit ProAsm's HRP data.
Remove versioning on tile #2324. (It would be better on a 3D Realms screen-replacing HRP screen.)
All images optimized with PNGOUT and PngOptimizer, saving 4466955 bytes (4.5MB), 92.908807% of original.